About the Coffee 

We only sell Specialty Grade Coffee.

What does "Specialty Grade" mean?

Well, if we were selling wine, we'd be on the Top Shelf.

Without splashing too far into the mud puddle, all coffee in the world is scored on a 100-point scale. This score signifies how many defects are found in the coffee. Defects are things that are wrong with the beans; like crushed or broken beans, beans damaged by insects, or even yucky things like foul odor or mold. A low score means lots of defects, while a high score means you have some good looking and therefore GREAT TASTING beans. These scores are used to grade the coffee..

The Grades

1. Specialty Grade Coffee We're Up Here!
2. Premium Grade Coffee The Big Companies
3. Exchange Grade Coffee Supermarket Stuff
4. Below Standard Grade Coffee Iffy
5. Off-Grade Coffee Yuck


About Us

We're Doberman Coffee Co.

Coffee is our Passion. Dogs are our life.

We sell darn good coffee and we donate at least 10% of each sale to dog rescue charities. It's simple, you Sip Coffee, you Save Dobies. That's a Wag-Worthy Cause!